A Letter from our Co-Chairs

Amid all the beauty of Colorado’s Western Slope and mountain communities, a desperate problem keeps people in darkness — the severe shortage of psychiatric hospital treatment for those in the anguishing grasp of a mental health emergency. Today, during one of the most painful, terrifying moments of their lives, many are left waiting in emergency rooms or even jail until room in a psychiatric hospital becomes available. It’s painful to imagine the suffering of being that ill and not being able to get treatment. It could cost someone’s life, and who of us feels comfortable or morally settled with that dark and tragic possibility?

West Springs Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital on the Western Slope. Every year the need grows and the hospital can no longer accommodate everyone who requires our expertise, understanding and compassion. A West Springs Hospital patient recently spoke openly about her stay, saying, “The most important thing is that I am alive … I sit here before you today telling you that West Springs Hospital saved my life.” This is why we started Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives, The Campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital. We know that treatment in a patient-centric, healing environment works and not only gives people hope but also the tools to begin recovery.

Please join us in addressing this humanistic dilemma that directly or indirectly affects every one of us. Philanthropy means “for the love of mankind” and that is at the root of our well-crafted vision for the future. We are building a hospital that will alleviate suffering, provide necessary resources, create a true sanctuary and save the lives of Coloradans. This cannot be accomplished alone. Your investment in Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital is a testament to your commitment to help us save lives.


J. Robert Young
Alpine Bank

Brian Davidson
President & CEO
St. Mary’s Hospital

Beth Slifer
Slifer Designs

Rod Slifer
Co-Founder & Principal
Slifer, Smith & Frampton
Real Estate