The new West Springs Hospital Since Move-in Day 12.11.2018

Average Daily Patient Census: 34.6 Patients per Day
(A 19.4% Increase Prior to Expansion).

We extend a heartfelt thank you for your financial support during Phase I of the Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives campaign to construct the new West Springs Hospital. The need for a larger psychiatric hospital on the Western Slope was dire, but through your generosity we were able to open our doors to patients on December 11th, 2018. With your help we have been able to build a sanctuary fit for rebuilding lives and we are excited to share with you the impact your gift has made.

New Hospital Impact on Patients and Staff:

Brought to Tears: On Patient Moving Day, a male patient moving from the old hospital into the new one stopped, began looking at the new space, and started to cry. The nurse with him asked him why and he told her it was because he was so shocked at what a beautiful place we had built for him and others like him who need hospitalization and psychiatric help; that he didn’t think anyone really cared about people who need help and he was grateful for what we had done. Recovering his composure, he expressed the desire to get well so he could work for us one day.

A Standing O: Two days after Moving Day during the first Saturday evening dinner in the new hospital, all of the patients and staff dining suddenly rose and gave a spontaneous standing ovation to the kitchen team for the quality of the food and friendliness of the staff.

A Heartfelt Thank You: While in the dining room for lunch one day, a female patient came over to me and asked me who I was. I told her my job and my title. She shook my hand and thanked me for the new building and for the dining room area. She hugged me and told me the food was wonderful.

Designed for Safety: An adult male attempted to harm himself using his clothing and his bedroom door. The thoughtfully-planned safety system activated as designed, with the overhead door sensor immediately sounding, the light above the door indicating where the problem was, and the alarm at the care team station alerting staff, who immediately responded and interrupted the attempt. Staff describe the units as welcoming and an enjoyable place to work, and, more importantly, a much safer place for patients.

In the Gym: Site of yoga, Zumba, basketball and many other physical activities! Staff are enjoying participating with the patients. It also was used recently for a several-hour lock-down, providing safe space & shelter for nearly 100 staff and outpatient clients for shelter and safety. The Kitchen provided snacks and refreshments during this stressful time– before the new hospital, this wouldn’t have been possible.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Even in this cold weather, outdoor courtyard areas are being used by the adult patients to walk, think or just sit and rest!

The new West Springs Hospital is a haven and space of healing for our patients. Thank you for answering our call to action to meet the demand for psychiatric hospitalization on the Western Slope.
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